Questions to ask church architects

What should you ask your architect?

If you’re searching for church architects you’ve got questions. What should you ask them first? What information do you need? How do you compare different firms? For starters here are 5 of the basic questions you should be asking of whichever architect you might be considering:

1. How long has the architect been in business?

As a partnership, Parker Seminoff Architects has been in business since early 2012. Individually the partners have been practicing for much longer than that. Kelly became a registered architect in 2002 after completing a 5 year internship at Woods Parker Architects in Calgary. David was a founding partner of Woods Parker Architects in 1981 and is principal of his firm Parker Architects in Ontario where he has been actively serving church clients for almost two decades.

2. What percentage of the firm’s business is designing church facilities?

Currently about 85% of our work is serving church clients and the rest is divided among residential, commercial and institutional work. At Parker Architects, more than 95% of David’s work is for church clients, and he has worked with more than 200 congregations in his career.

3. How many people does the architect’s firm employ?

At the moment we have 4 people associated with our firm, which allows us to design projects up to $10M. Three of those associates are registered architects, covering a broad range of skills and project experience from design and cost estimating to 3D modeling, specification writing and project management.

4. Does the architect have a valid license for the province in which you intend to build?

Each province has their own licensing requirements and we are currently able to practice in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario either directly or with associate partners.

5. Does the architect commonly do church projects of the style, size and budget that you anticipate building?

Of course we do! You’ll find that our work covers a vast range of styles, sizes and budgets. We believe that no project is too small to benefit from an architect. Our job is to listen carefully to your requirements and deliver a design that best meets your space needs and budget.

Let us tell you more about how our past experience has equipped us to help you move your dream to reality. Contact David or Kelly at or leave a comment below.

(These questions from Stephen Anderson’s book “Before You Build”)

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