Successful architecture

To create a successful work of architecture, your church needs to ask 4 essential questions in order to proceed confidently; the answers will determine the feasibility of your project. Our Development Feasibility Study is the most economical way for a church to answer these questions. It’s a cost-effective first step, with no commitment.

  1. What do we need?

    The MetWorking with your congregation we develop a Space Needs Assessment that discovers how much and what kind of space is required by your various usergroups and ministries. We provide a questionnaire to be completed by the user groups, collect the information and prepare a summary of the required spaces along with a preliminary area allocation which results in an estimate of the required building area. This allows us to develop a preliminary cost estimate of the project based on average square foot prices.

  2. What can we afford?

    Chippawa ChurchDr. David Belsey of Faith Based Fundraising will prepare a detailed Financial Assessment of the church, looking at the five-year giving trends and how this would affect what the church could expect to raise over and above the annual budget toward the proposed building fund. This assessment has proved to be an accurate estimate of how much a church can afford and forms a reasonable basis on which to develop the new building design.

  3. What will it look like?

    Innisfil ChurchOnly when we have the first two questions answered do we begin actually designing a new facility.We develop a design that fits within the budget set by the church. The design process usually results in a number of design approaches that are gradually refined until you are satisfied it fits your space needs and budget parameters.

  4. What will it cost to build?

    St.Johns ChurchAs the design develops, we prepare cost estimates of the various options as they are considered resulting in a final estimate of the selected design.

Whether your church is wondering if they can redevelop their existing property to serve their growth needs or trying to determine if you need to sell and relocate, our Development Feasibility study still applies: the result will be a design solution and cost estimate for both. With this information in hand your congregation can proceed confidently forward.


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