Do not let a committee choose paint colors

We have a decorating team!

I’ve seen this happen one too many times now and it really upsets me. “Our decorating committee wants to pick the paint colors, is that okay?” In the past, I’ve said “Yes. Sure. No Problem. It’s a good way to get people involved, you know, create ownership in the project.”  Not any more! Unless you have a Professional Interior Designer heading up your color committee, don’t even ask.

The power to put people to sleep

Now, you might think I’m over reacting just a tad, after all, anyone can pick paint colors. We all do it at home, no problem; a church is like a house, only a little larger, right? Wrong! Listen carefully: a poor choice of paint colors has the power to literally ruin your new building and it should be classified as a sin, right up there with lying, stealing and cheating on your spouse. As architects, we have the ability to sculpt space and design the best possible environment in all parts of your new building. Color is integral to that design and it shouldn’t be punted to a committee. Some examples: the architect has created a vision for your foyer that is bright, welcoming, energetic, but the the paint your committee has chosen, “Greyish Brown River Mud”, makes it feel, well, just blah. Not the best way to greet your visitors. Or for the classrooms, your committee picks “Medium Yellowy Brown Sludge” to ensure your students fall asleep after only a few minutes. Same thing in your sanctuary, washrooms, offices, library and children’s areas. It happens over and over in churches all over the country and it’s too important to keep letting it happen. Remember the “Dusty Rose” trend? But it looked so good on a 1×1 sample chip! And the committee put so much time into it, we can’t change it and hurt their feelings.

Leave the samples at home

OK, look, we’re all guilty of something. Who will throw the first stone? Not me. If your committee wants to take an evening and sip a few glasses of wine while picking a few paint colors, fine. But please, just leave them at home.


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