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Design for learning

We know good education is so important to the future of our society. To augment educational programs, effective architecture plays an important role in the learning process. Efficient, well lit spaces for students and teachers. Sensible support spaces and resource rooms for teachers and helpers. Natural lighting. Flexibility in technology infrastructure to allow for future changes. Durable materials and colours that stimulate the human spirit and encourage learning.

However we also know that private schools often have different needs than public schools.

Private schools are different

Whether it’s a Christian school or a specialty school, designing a private school is different than designing a public school. They have different styles of gathering, different types of community building, different programmatic needs and different budget requirements. Architecture has to support those needs. We understand your vision: our firm has worked with many private schools to develop affordable, attractive facilities. Cost control throughout the process is so important, as the goal of each school is to be able to offer the highest quality and most economical education possible. These common goals guide our design process as we work closely with our private school clients.

Recent clients:

  • Bearspaw Christian School, Calgary
  • Covenant Christian School, Leduc, Alberta
  • Trinity Christian School, Calgary
  • Tyndale Christian School, Calgary
  • Wesley Christian Academy, Ontario
  • Robertson College, Calgary
  • Huntington Hills Community Association preschool, Calgary

School Project Photos

Comprehensive Service at Wesley Academy

The school contacted us about their plan to sell their existing building and renovate an existing warehouse to become their new school facility. We started the design process in October with the understanding that the renovation had to be ready for occupancy the following September; an eleven month time frame in which to finalize the design, prepare the construction documents, obtain all the governmental approvals, tender the project and complete construction.

The project involved inserting a 17,000 square foot second floor plate into an existing 20,000 square foot warehouse, provision of 3 Daycare spaces, 9 classrooms, administration area, cafeteria and kitchen, gymnasium and library with room for future expansion of the library and additional classrooms and the removal of a significant portion of the paved parking area and creation of a landscaped playground.

The building permit was issued and tenders were completed by the end of March and construction began in late March with the renovated facility ready for move-in by the middle of August and the project was on budget.



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