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The architecture of seniors’ housing

With changing demographics come new types of housing challenges. Our cities need more facilities to accommodate seniors as our population ages and the rate of retirement accelerates.

We can help develop plans to accommodate changing seniors housing needs.

Housing Choices

We firmly believe our seniors deserve a choice of where and how they will live. For wealthy seniors, the market offers a wide range of upper scale living options comprised of well appointed suites, diverse amenity spaces and varied programs and services. At the opposite end of the financial scale are subsidized housing developments. Interestingly, the lower middle financial group often has the least number of housing choices available; they don’t earn enough to pay upper scale options but they earn too much to qualify for government subsidies.

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Architecture and the design of Amenities

Architecture for assisted living allows residents to age-in-place yet still retain a sense of dignity and independence while upscale life-lease apartments can offer amenities not usually found in other types of retirement living such as underground parking, hobby room, workshop, auditorium, library, games room, spa and roof-top gardens. Many of our projects feature independent living apartments, common dining rooms, kitchens and support for in-house care providers.

Co-operative Seniors Living

In the past few years we’ve become very interested in the cooperative model of housing as an alternative to market driven products. Housing co-ops enable seniors to maintain their dignity and quality of life as they age-in-place with a close community of friends, while reducing social isolation. Working with Beacon Initiatives in Calgary, we are exploring ways in which architecture can enhance and influence quality of life by first designing the common amenity spaces, then designing the rest of the project around it.

Assisted living architecture

Martindale Gardens located in Milton, Ontario is a 77 unit Assisted Living Facility whose design enables residents to age-in-place. The facility has  independent living apartments, dining rooms for those unable to prepare their own meals and in-house nursing staff for administering medications as well as an entire nursing floor which allows residents to remain in the building with their friends and loved ones as their physical needs require more assistance than is normally available at many seniors’ facilities.

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The “Village” Model

One of the emerging trends we are seeing is a move to smaller scale communities, either stand-alone or within a larger development. Housing providers are learning that there are benefits to enabling and supporting smaller communities, from 8 – 12 residents, that function as a small family. Residents feel more comfortable aging-in-place within a smaller group, getting to know each other better and supporting each other in their daily lives, thereby improving quality of life and extending their independence.

Life lease architecture

Shobrook Gardens in Uxbridge, Ontario is an up-scale, 60 unit Retirement “Life Lease” apartment that provides many amenities not usually found in this type of facility. The apartments are unique and inviting and the building includes underground parking, hobby workshop, 150 seat auditorium, library, games room, spa pool, look-out tower  and roof top gardens.

Westview Village is a 120 unit townhouse development made up of Duplexes, Triplexes and Fourplexes catering to specifically to seniors. The unique sloped site provides many of the units with walkout basements. The small scale of the townhomes, along with the abundant green spaces, makes a pleasant architectural environment for the residents.



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