Costs for church building programs

Establishing a realistic budget for a new building project is essential, but many churches only consider the basic building costs when setting their budgets. A Global Project Budget will include ALL the project costs (“Global” not in the world-wide sense, but in the all-encompassing sense).

Basic building costs (Hard costs)

These are known as “hard” costs because they result in tangible, material products for building and/or site work:

  • surveying and building layout
  • site clearing
  • excavation
  • foundations
  • wall and roof structure
  • exterior cladding including walls, roofs, windows and doors
  • interior finishes
  • interior equipment
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing
  • electrical service
  • fire sprinklers

Other project costs (Soft costs)

A comprehensive budget will also include so-called “soft” costs such as services, fees or taxes:

  • Development Permit fees
  • Building Permit fees
  • consultant’s fees: architect; structural, mechanical and electrical engineers; civil engineer; landscape architect; acoustical consultant; A/V designers; soils consultants; kitchen consultant
  • contractors fees
  • GST and GST rebate
  • contingencies:
  • design contingency to cover small items not specifically itemized in the detailed cost estimate
  • construction contingency to cover unforeseen changes during construction
  • escalation contingency to cover the difference in cost between the original estimate and the actual tender
  • storm water management plan
  • paved parking and curbs
  • landscaping and plant materials
  • surveying and soil testing
  • independent inspectors for roof or steel installations

Communicating complete project costs

It’s important to calculate what you can afford before undertaking any design work. Have your architect prepare a detailed comprehensive Project Budget during the design stage and make sure you know what your congregation is willing to give towards the project – they will always remember the first cost estimate you tell them, so make sure it is complete.

For more information about detailed, comprehensive cost estimates contact David or Kelly at parkerseminoff.com



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