Building designers do one thing

If you’re not really sure, no problem. Most architects just assume everyone knows exactly what we do. And apparently architects and their professional associations have done a rather poor job of getting the word out.¬†Well, shame on us!

Basically, architects design buildings. That’s it.

“I can go now, right?”

Not quite. To get to a finished building, we need to do a whole bunch of other stuff along the way, stuff you probably never even thought about.

There’s more to an architect’s job

For instance, who checks the city zoning bylaw to see how tall your building can be? Architect. Who chooses the right window system? Architect. Who prepares cost estimates and advises on your construction budget? Yup, architect. Who ensures your building uses sustainable materials and complies with barrier-free codes? Architect again. Who helps you develop a compelling vision of your project and diligently communicates that vision to client and user groups, consultants, engineers, technicians, building officials, plans reviewers, bylaw officers, contractors, product representatives and suppliers, sub-trades, lenders, committees, building inspectors, specification writers and drafts-people? Whew! Architect of course! And who whines and complains when the drawings call for a specific tile colour and intricate patterns in the public washrooms? Right, the contractor! (just kidding contractors, we totally respect your work).

And still more…

Architects also help you develop your building program and set your budget; advise you about fundraising (church clients); prepare cost estimates; arrange for soils test and surveys; hire the engineering team and coordinate their work; prepare permit drawings and specifications; help with contractor selection and the bidding process; do periodic site reviews; review contractor’s proposed changes and progress payment claims, and much, much more.

What makes us smile?

And the most satisfying part of the process? Seeing the expression on our client’s face when they walk into their completed building for the first time and say, “Wow!”.

That totally makes our day.




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